Bauer unser

Bauer unser 

Documentary | 92 min | Austria | 2016 

Inconveniently honest yet unagitated in style, »Bauer unser« takes an in-depth look at the mechanisms such as global competition, the need for constant economic growth, and the free market system defining today’s increasingly industrialised agriculture. Following the everyday reality of six Austrian farmers ranging between increasing specialisation and alternative ways of self-determination, the responsibility of politics, retailers, and not least the consumers is put up for discussion. 

Director: Robert Schabus 

Production Company: Allegro Film 

Runtime: 92 min

Language: German 

Filming locations: Austria, Belgium, France

Aspect ratio: 1:1.85 

Camera model: Sony Fs7

Film negative format: XAVC 4K 

Printed film format: DCP


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