Gipsy Queen

Gipsy Queen

Feature Film | 114 min | Germany, Austria | 2019

Gypsy Queen is a powerful and inspiring boxing story of the Roma single mother ALI, who uses everything she‘s got trying to keep the heads of her two children Esmeralda and Mateo above water and enable them to get a good start in life in their new home in a foreign country.

Director and Screenplay: Hüseyin Tabak 

Production Company: DOR Filmproduktion 

Cast: Alina Șerban, Tobias Moretti, Irina Kurbanova, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Catrin Striebeck

Runtime: 114 Minuten

Language: German

Filming Locations: Hamburg, Vienna, Slovakia

Aspect Ratio: 1:1.85 

Camera: Arri Alexa

Lenses: Cooke S4, Angenieux Optimo Zooms, Canon K35

Film Negative Format: ProRes 3,2K

Printed Film Format: DCP




  • Gipsy Queen - Alina Serban
  • Gipsy Queen - Catrin Striebeck
  • Gipsy Queen - Irina Kurbanova
  • Gipsy Queen - Tobias Moretti
  • Gipsy Queen - Tobias Moretti
  • Gipsy Queen - Alina Serban
  • Gipsy Queen - Alina Serban, Maria Lindberg