Hello Democracy

Hello Democracy 

Documentary | 52 min | Austria | 2013  

Dictatorship! Revolution! And then... ? 

The stories, fears and hopes of two Tunisians reflect the massive changes within a society on the threshold of democracy. After 24 years of dictatorship the two Tunisians Soukaina and Beshir must find a new sense of direction. While the idealistic student Soukaina is fighting for democracy as a party candidate, the life-experienced and disillusioned waiter Beshir is struggling for the future of his family. The documentary portrays a very personal and momentary description of Tunisia in October 2011, the month of the first free elections in the history of this country. 

Director and Concept: Jörg Oschmann & Heikel Ben Bouzid 

Production Company: Martin Maier Media 

Camera: Sony PMW 350 + NanoFlash Recorder 

Film Negative Format: ProRes HQ 422 

Printed Film Format: DCP | HD Video 

Aspect ratio: 1:1.78 

Filming Location: Tunis, Tunisia 

Film Premiere: DeFrance Cinema Vienna - March 2013 


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