Short | 25 min|  Austria | 2011 

12 year old Stefan runs away from his classmates to an abandoned, dilapidated house. He is immediately attracted and captivated by this forlorn place. It offers him the chance to escape and to create a place to his liking where he can find shelter from his conflict ridden life. No family rows with parents getting divorced, no bullying classmates, nobody to tell him what to do.  Only himself and the few guests he is inviting. 

Director and Screenplay: Hüseyin Tabak 

Production Company: Filmakademie Wien 

Cast: Leonhard Berger, Katharina Gerlich, Johannes Kinzer, Paul Graf 

Running Time: 25 Minuten 

Camera: Arri SR3 

Film Negative Format: Super16 mm 

Printed Film Format: HD Video 

Aspect ratio: 1:1.85 

Filming Location: Vienna 

Film Premiere: Vienna Independent Shorts 2011 - Competition 



  • Heim, Leonhard Berger
  • Heim, Leonhard Berger, Katharina Gerlich
  • Heim, Leonhard Berger
  • Heim, Leonhard Berger