Kick Off

Kick Off

Documentary | 95 min | Austria | 2010

»Kick Off« tells the story of Orhan, Hansi and Serkan. They are part of the team representing Austria in the Homeless World Cup in Melbourne, Australia.

Eight People from the streets of Austria getting their second chance in life by competing for the Homeless World Cup, the street-soccer championship for homeless people, asylum seekers, former alcoholics and drug addicts. None of them will earn money in this competition, it's about much more than that: a chance to play back into life. Soccer gives them basic feelings they lost a long time ago: respect, pride, self-confidence, and perhaps, above all, a renewed zest for life. 

Director: Hüseyin Tabak 

Production Company: Aichholzer Filmproduktion 

Cast: Orhan Yildirim, Johann Kovacs, Serkan Yavuz

Filming Locations: Austria, Turkey, Australia

Camera: Sony PMW EX3

Film Negative Format: XDCAM EX

Printed Film Format: 35mm | HD Video

Aspect ratio: 1:1.78

Film Premiere: Diagonale Graz 2010 – Competion

Vienna Film Award 2010

Audience Award - Diagonale 2010

Price oft he Youth Jury - Diagonale 2010

Audience Award film:riss 2010 Salzburg  


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  • Serkan Yavuz
  • Orhan Yildirim